Dieter Krügel, Owner

About the owner

Dieter Krügel is a retired entrepreneur and has been a sailing enthusiasts with heart and soul all his life. His love affair with MISTRAL started on first sight when he saw her in Newport Beach, Ca. Since then he has spared no expense in lovingly restoring this American Lady steeped in tradition. It was always important for him not to build a museum piece but an ocean-going classical yacht. During countless regattas and crossings of the North Atlantic MISTRAL has proven her merit in any respect.

Address:Flensburg, Germany

Phone: +49 461 4902423


Why is MISTRAL to be sold?
For reasons of age Dieter Krügel now wants to sell his MISTRAL: “After nearly 20 years of countless regattas and adventures at sea I am very reluctant to let her go. I know every last detail of this ship and invested a lot of time and love in this “relationship”. Whoever is looking for a lovingly restored and ocean-going classical yacht will find MISTRAL to be a reliable American Lady, who can weather any weather and will attract attention in every harbor of the world. I hope that MISTRAL will experience many more adventures at sea with a new owner. I am looking forward to hearing any serious offer.”

Mistral is on display:

April 25th, 2015:
On the warph day at K&M, Makkum, NL

August 7th – 9th, 2015:
At Risör Wooden Boat Festival, Norway

Also after agreement at Flensburg:
To schedule a visit please call +494614902423 or write an email to